A Complete Guide for Setting Your Business

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  • Funding for Your Business
  • Finding the Right Customer
  • Product Market Fit
  • Lack of Planning
  • Hiring & Retaining Employees
  • High Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Marketing within a Limited Budget
  • Business Automation
  • Time Management
  • Branding & Growth Strategy
  • Unable to Evaluate Business Opportunities
  • Late Payment from Clients
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Startup Ideas under 3 Lakhs

Steps to Start a Startup

Design a Successful Business Model

Market Research and Consumer Behaviour

How to Quantify Your Value Proposition

Early Stage Product Development (MVP)

Deciding the Right Pricing Framework

Build your Business Network

Employee Retention Techniques

How to Raise Funds

Low Cost Marketing Ideas

Maintaining Cash Flow in Business

Government Schemes to Boost Startups

Competitive Advantage in Business

Customer Relation Management

Strategies to Scale up Your Business

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List Of 50 Courses

Working Capital

Course Topics

  • क्या आपका पैसा स्टॉक में फंसा हुआ है?? PART 2
  • अपने Supplier के साथ लेन-देन कैसे मज़बूत रखें?
  • क्या है धंधे में रिस्क की कीमत?
  • माल जाने के बावजूद आपका पैसा नहीं आया??
  • Course Introduction – कैसे करें working capital मैनेज ?
  • क्या है विटामिन M की कमी का कारण?
  • किस मौसम में बढ़ेगा पैसों का फ्लो ?
  • क्यों निकलता है व्यापारियों का दिवाला?
  • किन चीज़ों से बनता है Working Capital?
  • पैसे को कैसे संभालें ?
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Course Topics

  • chap1
  • क्या कम पैसों के कारण आप अपना धंधा expand नहीं कर पा रहे हैं?
  • करें अपने धंधे में सही फैसले और बढ़ाएं Profit !
  • क्या आप अपने Dealersऔर Franchise को मैनेज नहीं कर पा रहे हैं?
  • जानिए कैसे आप अपने धंधे का फंसा हुआ पैसा निकाल सकते हैं?
  • क्या Fixed खर्चे हैं Profit के दुश्मन?
  • क्या E-commerce ने किया धंधे को चौपट?
  • कैसे बढ़ेगी Employees की Productivity?
  • क्या ERP बढ़ाएगा Employee Satisfaction?
  • ज़ानिए कैसे लाएं कम Cost में ज्यादा Customers?
Finance For Non Finance

Course Topics

  • धंधे में Finance की सूझबूझ- Introduction
  • क्या मेरा धंधा सही दिशा में जा रहा है ?
  • खर्चे बढ़ रहे हैं या कमाई ? Part-1
  • खर्चे बढ़ रहे हैं या कमाई ? Part- 2
  • मेरा बिज़नेस प्लस में चल रहा है या माइनस में?
  • कैसे करें पगार का जुगाड़?
  • क्या हैं Fixed Assets के फायदे?
  • बिज़नेस में Current Assets का क्या है असर?
  • धंधे में हमेशा Cash कैसे बना रहेगा? Part-1
  • धंधे में हमेशा Cash कैसे बना रहेगा? Part -2
Zero Dollar Marketing

Course Topics

  • Zero Dollar Marketing Introduction
  • कैसे बढ़ेगी Website से Business Enquiries?
  • बदलते Consumer की समझ बढ़ाएगी Business (Part 1)
  • बदलते Consumer की समझ बढ़ाएगी Business (Part 2)
  • कैसे घटेगी Paid Customer बनाने की Cost?
  • सही Customer की पहचान कैसे बढ़ाएगी Leads और बचाएगी पैसा ?
  • क्या आपके Business की Website फायदेमंद है?
  • कैसे बढ़ेगी Google पर आपके Business की Visibility?
  • कैसे बनेगा Customer आपके Business का प्रचारक?
  • कम खर्चे में कैसे पाएं ज़्यादा Customers?
Smart Presentations for Investors, Customers and Employees (SPICE) 

Course Topics

  • SPICE - Introduction
  • क्या है Business का SPICE?
  • Blogging से कैसे मिलेंगे नए Customers?
  • क्या है Investors को Pitch करने का सही तरीका? - Part 1
  • क्या है Investors को Pitch करने का सही तरीका? - Part 2
  • Events और Exhibition में कैसे बताएं अपने Business की कहानी ?
  • कैसे Influencers बढ़ाएंगे आपके Business की Sales?
  • कैसे बनाएं अपने Business के Promotions?
  • Entertainment से कैसे होगा छोटे Business का प्रचार?
  • Product से पहले क्या खरीदता है Customer?
Fund Raising

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • Fundraising for Startups
  • Fundraising Goals
  • Budget Sheet
  • Fundraising Stages
  • Investment Types
  • Sources of Funding-Part 1
  • Sources of Funding-Part 2
  • Sources of Funding-Part 3
  • Fundraising - 10 Steps
How to Start a Startup?

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • Market Segmentation
  • Beachhead Market
  • End-User Profiling
  • Total Addressable Market (TAM)
  • Perfect Customer Persona
  • Life Cycle of Customer
  • High-Level Product Brochure
  • Quantifying Value Proposition (QVP)
  • Identifying Your Next 10 Customers
How to Sell?

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • Sales Strategies - Part 1
  • Sales Strategies - Part 2
  • Digital Strategies
  • Digital Sales
  • Sales Closing Techniques -Part 1
  • Sales Closing Techniques -Part 2
  • Discounts & Schemes Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Communication
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • Digital Transformation
  • CRM Software - Part 1
  • CRM Software - Part 2
  • CRM V/s ERP - Part 1
  • CRM V/s ERP - Part 2
  • Funnels & Triggers - Part 1
  • Funnels & Triggers - Part 2
  • CRM Implementation - Checklist
  • Customer Segmentation - Part 1

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • E-commerce से डर ख़तम
  • Profitable E-Commerce Business
  • Reduce Risk In Ecommerce
  • E-Commerce - Funding - Part 1
  • E-Commerce - Funding - Part 2
  • Profitable E-Commerce Categories- Part 1
  • Profitable E-Commerce Categories - Part 2
  • Customer Service - Part 1
  • Customer Service - Part 2
Debt Management

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • Debt
  • Debt Instruments
  • Debt Schemes
  • Government Schemes
  • Debt Raising - Processes & Steps
  • Bank Loan
  • Sanction Letter for Loan
  • Credit Score
  • Financial Literacy
Customer Service

Course Topics

  • Secret to Customer Delight
  • How to Become a Customer-Centric Company?
  • Acquisition VS Retention VS Churn
  • Role of Effective Listening
  • Empathy in Customer Service
  • Handling Difficult Customers Situations
  • Need for Omni-Channel Service
  • How to Scale Your Customer Service?
  • Building Rapport with Customers
  • Customer Service Centre
How to Scale a Startup?

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • Do Things that Don't Scale
  • Scaling Techniques
  • Case Study - Rocket Internet
  • Maximise Scale
  • Project Management - Part 1
  • Start-up V/s Scale-up
  • Project Management - Part 2
  • How to Scale Restaurant Business?
  • Case Study - Nalli Sarees

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Export-Import
  • What is Export and Import?
  • Export Procedure
  • How to Select Your Export Product?
  • Registration for Export and Import
  • Types of Containers for Shipping of Goods
  • How to Find Buyers & Sellers in Foreign Countries?
  • Export Import Contract
  • Ensuring Payment Guarantee for Exporters
  • Process of Payment in Export-Import Business
Business Automation

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • 5 Steps for Exponential Business Growth
  • How to Automate Your Business?
  • Organising Yourself
  • How to Use Google Calendar?
  • Meeting Rhythms
  • Organise Yourself Using Google Keep
  • Tools to Make Work Easy
  • How to use Google Assistant?
  • How to Organise Data?
WhatsApp Marketing

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • WhatsApp Marketing - Need, Goals, and Objectives
  • Features of WhatsApp Business - Part 1
  • Features of WhatsApp Business - Part 2
  • Marketing Automation through WhatsApp - Part 1
  • Marketing Automation through WhatsApp - Part 2
  • Marketing Automation Apps
  • WhatsApp Automation Set-Up
  • How to Send Templates through WhatsApp Gateway?
  • Scheduling WhatsApp Messages through Google Sheets
Stress Management

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Stress Management
  • Stress - Causes and Impact
  • How to Manage Stress?
  • ABC Technique for Stress Management
  • Pause Approach to Manage Stress
  • Meditation and Relaxation Techniques
  • Time Management for Stress Management
  • Circle of Influence
  • Mindful Technique for Stress Management
  • Laughter Therapy
Time Management

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Time Management
  • Importance of Time Management
  • Avoiding Time Wasters
  • ABC of Delegation
  • Prioritisation using Eisenhower Matrix
  • How to Maintain an Activity Log?
  • How to Use 1+1+1 System for Saving Time?
  • 1-3-5 Rule for Time Management
  • Pareto Principle for Time Management
  • Parkinson's Law
Digital Marketing - Part 1

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • How to Achieve Business Goals via Digital Marketing?
  • Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing - Part 1
  • Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing - Part 2
  • Inbound Marketing Strategies – Part 1
  • Inbound Marketing Strategies – Part 2
  • Inbound Marketing Strategies – Part 3
  • Technique of Storytelling to reach your Audience
  • How to Create a Blog?
  • How to Create Graphics Using Canva.com?
Digital Marketing Part-2

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • What is Performance/Paid Marketing?
  • Essential Steps of Marketing Plan
  • Using Google Platforms and Tools for Business Benefits
  • Google Tools to Check Business Performance
  • How Google Works?
  • Google AdWords for Search and Display Marketing
  • Making Search Campaigns through Google AdWords
  • Making Display Campaigns through Google AdWords
  • Social Media Paid Ads - Reports and Optimisation
Team Management

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Team Management
  • 5 Stages of Team Development
  • Different Types of Teams in a Company
  • Collaboration Amongst Teams
  • Project Management
  • Moving the Bell Curve Towards the Right
  • Measuring the Performance & Potential of Employees
  • Excellence in Execution in Teams
  • Employee Development Programmes
  • DILO and its Implementation
Negotiation Skills

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Negotiation Skills
  • How to Crack a Deal?
  • Understanding the Negotiation Process
  • Building Rapport with Tactical Empathy
  • Techniques of Bargaining
  • How to Reach Negotiation Closure?
  • Winning a Negotiation by Flinch Technique
  • When to Use High-Ball/Low-Ball Technique?
  • Good Cop-Bad Cop Negotiation Technique
  • How to Use Nibble Technique?
Email Marketing

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Types of Marketing Emails
  • Process of Email Marketing.
  • Building an Email List of Targeted Customers
  • Use of Lead Magnets to Get More Subscribers
  • How to Segment Your Customer Mailing List?
  • How to Increase E-mail Open Rate?
  • Designing Creative Emails Using Canva
  • Email Automation Using Mailchimp - Part 1
  • Email Automation Using Mailchimp - Part 2
25 Business Ideas Under 3 Lakhs

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • Evaluating a Business Idea - Hit or Flop?
  • Tiffin Service
  • Independent Business Consultant (IBC) - Bada Business
  • Opening a Bakery
  • Papad Making Business
  • Photography
  • Soft Toys Manufacturing
  • Phenyl Manufacturing
  • Software Installation Business
Instagram Marketing

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Instagram Marketing
  • Importance of Instagram Marketing for Brands
  • How to Create and Optimise Instagram Business Profile?
  • Multiple Instagram Accounts - Need & Importance
  • How to Analyse Competition on Instagram?
  • How to Reach the Target Audience?
  • Content Strategy for Instagram Marketing
  • Different Types of Instagram Posts
  • How to Take Good Photos for Instagram?
  • Hacking Instagram Algorithm
Risk Management

Course Topics

  • Process to Manage Risk
  • Stock Market Risk
  • Foreign Investment Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Reputational Risk
  • Marketing Risk
  • Financial Risk and its Mitigation
  • Credit Risk
  • RM 7
  • Asset-Backed Risk
Brand Management

Course Topics

  • Case Study - MDH
  • Case Study - Maggi
  • Summary
  • Elements of a Brand
  • Importance of Brand Jingles
  • Brand Promise & Loyalty
  • Branding on Social Media
  • How to Measure Brand Equity?
  • Internal & External Brand Alignment
  • Generating Brand Recall
Generating Leads Through Blogging

Course Topics

  • Blogs - Meaning and Importance
  • Benefits of Blogs for Different Businesses
  • How to Build a Blog from Scratch?
  • How to Generate Clickable Headlines?
  • Promoting Your Business Locally through Blogs
  • Introduction
  • How to Get Audience for Your Blog?
  • Booking Appointments Through Blogs
  • Writing Blog Posts in less than 30 minutes Everyday
  • Optimizing Blogs to Get More Traffic & Leads
Low Cost Marketing Ideas

Course Topics

  • Viral Marketing
  • Street Marketing
  • Undercover Marketing
  • Nano Influencer Marketing
  • Film-Based Marketing
  • Moment Marketing
  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Humour Marketing
  • Cause Marketing
IPR Trademark

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • Importance of Trademark in Business
  • Selecting a Name for Trademark Registration
  • Trademark Registration Process
  • International Trademark Registration Procedure
  • Trademark Valuation
  • Cybersquatting in Trademark
  • Trademark Infringement and Journal
  • Trademark Assignment and Licensing
  • Summary
IPR Copyright

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • Who needs a Copyright?
  • Benefits of Copyright Registration
  • Types of Copyrights - Part-1
  • Types of Copyrights - Part-2
  • Copyright Workflow
  • Copyright Application Process
  • Copyright Societies
  • Copyright Licensing
  • Summary

Course Topics

  • Benefits of Budgeting
  • Difference Between Forecasting vs Budgeting
  • Budgetary Control System
  • How to Prepare a Budget?
  • How to Make Sales and Production Budget?
  • Zero Based Budgeting
  • Performance Based Budgeting
  • Cost of Production Budget
  • Budget Variance Analysis
  • Period-Wise Budgets
Design Thinking

Course Topics

  • Making Product Usage Convenient for Customers
  • Design Thinking - The Success Story of ORAL-B
  • Factors for Successful Innovation Program
  • How to Outsmart Motivation through Your Design?
  • Creating a Problem Statement
  • Rules for Idea Generation, Clustering, and Development
  • Building a Prototype
  • Importance of Empathy in Design Thinking
  • Difference between Market Research and Design Research
  • Making Sense of the Data Collected
Sell on Amazon

Course Topics

  • How to Fulfill your First Order?
  • Amazon Order Cancellation Policy
  • Order Refund & Replacement
  • Inventory Dashboard Tour
  • Importance of Brand Registry on Amazon
  • How to Start Automatic Ads on Amazon?
  • Manual Ad Campaigns on Amazon
  • How to Calculate Your Profit Using Amazon Calculator?
  • Summary
  • How to Optimise Your Product Listing?
Emotional Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

Course Topics

  • How to Change Your Emotional State?
  • Summary
  • Types of Emotions - Part 2
  • Introduction
  • How Emotions are Generated in the Human Brain
  • How to Manage Emotions in Different Situations?
  • Types of Emotions - Part 1
  • Impact of Emotions on an Individual
  • How Entrepreneurs Can Use Emotions for Business Success?
  • How to Assess Your Emotional Intelligence?
Market Research

Course Topics

  • Research - Process & Planning
  • Market Research to Forecast Sales
  • Research on Promotion of Products
  • Research on Promotion
  • Research in Retail Sector
  • Research in Service Sector
  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Summary
  • How SMEs can conduct Market Research?
Business Audit

Course Topics

  • Summary
  • GST Audit
  • Payroll Audit
  • Internal Control and Related Business Transactions
  • Audit Evidence - Meaning and Related Concepts
  • Audit Process & Techniques
  • Operational, Compliance, & Information System Audit
  • Advantages & Limitations of Audit
  • How to Detect Frauds and Errors?
  • Statutory Audit
Storytelling In Business

Course Topics

  • Increasing the Economic Value of Business through Storytelling
  • Introduction
  • Different Concepts of Storytelling
  • Building Trust with Customers
  • How Brand Story Helps in Attracting Customers?
  • How to Build a Good Story?
  • How to Build a Narrative for Your Company?
  • Power of Storytelling for Customer Retention
  • Summary
  • Storytelling - Pixar Storytelling Framework
IPR Patent

Course Topics

  • Patent Filing - Cost, Methods & Process
  • Patent Infringement and its Remedies
  • Patent of Addition
  • IPR Patent-Types, Importance and Criteria
  • Patent Search Process
  • Revocation of Patent
  • Filing International Patent Application
  • Introduction
  • Summary
Google Ads - Marketing

Course Topics

  • How to Create a Google Ads Account?
  • Google Ads for Map, Gmail and GMB
  • Google Ads Dashboard - Tools and Settings
  • Google Ad Campaigns - Do's and Dont's
  • How to Create Display Campaigns in Google Ads?
  • How to Create Search Campaign for YouTube?
  • Introduction
  • Google Ads for Business
  • Google Search Ad Campaign - Concept
  • Google Ads - Terms & Abbreviations

Course Topics

  • Alternatives to ESOPs
  • How to Issue ESOPs?
  • ESOPs Exit Clause
  • Buyback of ESOPs
  • FAQs Regarding ESOPs
  • Introduction
  • History and Importance of ESOPs
  • ESOPS - Terms and Terminology
  • ESOPs & Taxation
Facebook For Business

Course Topics

  • How to Create a Lead Generation Campaign?
  • Facebook Pixels
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Summary
  • How to create a Facebook shop?
  • Introduction
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • How to Create an Ad Campaign on Facebook?
  • How to Target Your Customers?
  • Creating Your First Ad Copy
Twitter for Business

Course Topics

  • Infographics for Viral Posts
  • Twitter Ads
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Basics of Twitter
  • Monetisation of Twitter Account
  • How to Make Your Post Viral on Twitter?
  • How to Become a Twitter Influencer?
  • Retweet- Meaning and Usage
  • Introduction
  • Summary
How to Set up International Business?

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Closing a Deal with Foreign Clients
  • International Services -Agreements and Pricing
  • Deciding the Right Strategy for International Business
  • Facilities Required to Start International Business
  • How to Find Foreign Clients?
  • Importance of International Expansion
  • Highly Payable Services in a Foreign Country
  • Setting up a Foreign Legal Entity
LinkedIn Marketing

Course Topics

  • Creating High-Quality Articles for LinkedIn
  • Writing High-Quality Text Posts for LinkedIn
  • How to Increase Engagement by 10x?
  • Tools for Content Scheduling
  • LinkedIn Connections & Search Bar
  • How to Send Connection Requests?
  • How to Increase your Likes/Share/ Views & Comments?
  • Hashtag Strategy in LinkedIn
  • Introduction
  • Strategy to Send Direct Messages
Investor Pitch Deck

Course Topics

  • Product Demo and Traction Slides
  • Explaining Financial Model
  • Competition and USP slides
  • Showcasing Team Strength
  • Pitch Deck - Meaning and Benefits
  • Structure and Formats in a Deck
  • How to Display the Problem & Solution?
  • Showcasing Marketing Plans
  • Valuation and Ask
  • How to Present Your Pitch to Investors?
How to Approach Incubators & Accelerators?

Course Topics

  • How to Benefit Most from These Programs?
  • Selecting the Right Incubator/Accelerator
  • What do Incubators/Accelerators look for in a Startup?
  • Summary - Mistakes to Avoid
  • Introduction
  • How to Apply for Incubator/Accelerator Program?
  • When to Enroll in Incubator/Accelerator Program?
  • Accelerators - Meaning and Benefits
  • Incubators - Overview
Vendor Management

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • What is Vendor Management?
  • How to Select the Right Vendor?
  • Vendor Analysis
  • Vendor Negotiation
  • Risks In Vendor Management
  • How to Build Long Term Association With Vendors?
  • Procurement from Vendors
  • Developing the Sourcing Strategy
  • How to Avoid Legal Conflicts?
Designing Your Own Website

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • Types of Websites
  • Concept of MVP Website
  • How to Develop an MVP Website?
  • Important Factors in Building a Website
  • Building Website Using WordPress Existing Themes
  • Building Website Using Wix Existing Themes
  • Summary
Winning Legal Conflicts

Course Topics

  • How to Avoid Legal Conflicts in Business?
  • How to Set Up an SME/MSME Business?
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Lok Adalat
  • Type of Company & its Requirements
  • Contract Law and IT Act
  • IPR - Trademark & Copyright Laws
  • IPR - Design & Patent
  • Mediation - A Way of ADR
  • Resolution Through Arbitration

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • How to Start a Dropshipping Business?
  • How to Create an Online Store?
  • Designing Website for Dropshipping
  • Adding & Customising Products
  • Product Research for Dropshipping Business
  • Generating Sales in Dropshipping
  • How to Advertise on Facebook for Dropshipping?
  • Targeting Customers through Product Ads
  • Summary
Market Insights & Consumer Behaviour

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • Marketing Insights used by Popular brands
  • Increasing Consumer Recall through Features & Placement
  • How to Choose the Right Colours for Your Brand?
  • Displaying Data to Increase Online Sales
  • Secret Recipe for Online Conversion
  • How to Price Your Product?
  • How to Understand Consumer Buying Behaviour?
  • Summary
Business Networking

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • Benefits of Business Networking
  • How to Grow Your Network?
  • How to Make a Lasting First Impression on People?
  • How to Build Long-Term Networks?
  • 5 Biggest Networking Mistakes
  • Tips to Become a Successful Networker
Sales Growth Maximiser

Course Topics

  • Sales Growth Maximiser
Strategy & Execution Signifier

Course Topics

  • Strategy & Execution Signifier
Retail Management Multiplier

Course Topics

  • Retail Management Multiplier
Leadership Lessons Enhancer

Course Topics

  • Leadership Lessons Enhancer
Low-Cost Marketing Amplifier

Course Topics

  • Low-Cost Marketing Amplifier
Peak Performance & Productivity Magnifier

Course Topics

  • Peak Performance & Productivity Magnifier
How to Start a Startup Booster

Course Topics

  • How to Start a Startup Booster?
Business Operations Accelerator

Course Topics

  • Business Operations Accelerator
UI/UX for Business

Course Topics

  • Designing Illustrations on Adobe XD
  • Goal of UI/UX
  • Principles of UI/UX Design
  • Golden Rules of Design
  • Summary
  • Benefits of Good User Experience
  • Style Guide for Brands
  • How to Measure the Impact of UI/UX Design?
  • UI/UX Design - Software and Tools
  • Designing Wireframes

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Chirag Digital Private Limited

Aditi Randev

Niamh Ventures

Ishan Manchanda


Deepak Kashyap

CEO and Co-Founder
MAS Callnet India Pvt. Ltd.

Hardik Gupta

Co-founder and Head of Marketing

Pankaj Chhabra

DFM Institute

Prabhdeep Kaur

Deputy Director (IPR and Legal)
India Cellular & Electronics Association

Saurabh Khaspuri

Digital Takshila and Booming Bull Academy

Sarthak Ahuja

Sandeep Ahuja & Co.

Rajneesh Singh

Managing Partner
SimplyHR Solutions LLP

Ajita Saxena


Sidhant Sidana

Sid & Co.

Gaurav Wasan

Food Explorer
India Today

Niloy Jain

Partner & Sales Head
SID07 Designs

RJ Jassi Dhillon

Radio Show Host

Mandeep Singh Toor

Behaviour Design Strategist

Devna Maheshwari

Professor and Promoter

Branded Kavita,

Branding Strategist & Consultant

Parul Tolani

Manager-Learning & Development
Pernod Ricard

Vikas Rajput

Entrepreneurship Educator
Delhi NCR Business Schools

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