IBC Benefites

Billion Dollar Businesses

No Capital investment.

Live Session With Dr. Vivek Bindra

Opportunity to earn 1 to 10 lacs per month

Q&A With Dr. Vivek Bindra

Opportunity to be recognised in Dr Vivek Bindra’s world record creating mass digital webinars and you tube videos

Leadership Funnel Program

Market relevant & most affordable entrepreneurship product basket (EAE, PSC & LTM)

240 Premium videos

High revenue earning product for sales - Case studies and white labelled Learning Management System for educational institutions and businesses

Enhance Your Learnings

Periodic webinar by Dr Vivek Bindra.

Track Of Your Learnings

Personalised micro website creating digital identity to facilitate sales

Track Of Your Learnings

Dgital POS (point of sale) for taking payment, tracking sales leads, generating payment links for customers & viewing all account related details

Track Of Your Learnings

Learning Management System for all product information, marketing collaterals and growth through self-learning

Track Of Your Learnings

Complaint management system (CMS) to raise requests & complaints or to give suggestions

Track Of Your Learnings

Dedicated IBC managers to train on product & sales techniques - how to generate (through digital marketing or other techniques), nurture and close leads