What & Why Problem Solving Course

Solving Burning problems of Entrepreneurs through learning or where there is a Business Problem, there is a Problem Solving Course.

Problem Solving Course

  • These courses are designed to give practical solution & a learning experience to the most common, frequent and prominent business problems faced by Entrepreneurs. We call them as Burning Problems.
  • Every course gives you step by step learning strategies, frameworks, and action plan, all focused & directed to overcome problems around various business functions like business Finance, IT, HR, Sales, Digital Marketing,Legal etc.
  • The goal is to Empower Entrepreneurs with solutions to their daily problems of life with the help of these courses so that they are able to grow their Business.
why use problem solving course
it is ease and simplicity to use

EASE and Simplicity

  • The only course content in digital domain in Hindi and easy to understand language.
  • The course will be released in vernacu-lar languages.
  • For a better learning experience and outcome, every course has a combination of graphics, videos, animation, reading material and assesments.
EASE and Simplicity

Accessbility & Convenience

  • Self Paced Courses that can be accessed anytime & anywhere with the help of Bada Business APP.
Accessible and Convenience to use
Best in class Instructor

Bestinclass Instructor

  • We hand pick experts from different fields in order to deliver the best content.
Bestinclass Instructor

Course Content

  • Each video in the course contains solution to specific problems faced by Businessmen.
  • Courses also includes case studies to help and understand how top businesses of our country overcome such problems.
  • Industry specific courses empowering you with the required skill sets, Management principles & practices.
  • Easy to understand using lay-man's language.
Problem solving course Content
this Course Contains Knowledge Checks

Knowledge Checks

  • Every chapter of the course contains knowledge checks to keep a track of your progress to ensure a better outcome.
Knowledge Checks

Limited Time Offer

How we create P.S.C.

Let's understand the objective behind designing these courses

Nice Analysis

Thousands of our Leadership Funnel clients shared their Need, Interest, Concern & Expectation from the program. The summary of all such responses were segregated into

  • Strategic Problem: Fundamental issues in Business. Setting Mission, Vision and Strategy.
  • Functional Problem: Problems pertaining to core functions like Finance, IT, Marketing, HR, Legal etc.

The Entrepreneurs' need of diving deep and getting solutions to core functional problems resulted in Problem Solving Courses.

Nal Problem

  • FINANCE: Managing Cash Flow, Raising Funds, Managing Working Capital.
  • IT: Reducing People Dependency, Forecasting, Planning.
  • HR: Hiring, Retention and Employee Engagement.
  • MARKETING: Budgeting, Finding the right marketing mix and strategy.
  • LEGAL: Agreements, Copyrights, Trademarks, Intellectual Property protection.
  • SALES: Increasing Sales, Franchise, Distributionship, Conversion Ratio.

Challenges in entrepreneurial Skill development

  • FACULTY: Inability to attract practitioners/experts from the same industry for training.
  • PRESENCE: Unavailability of experts in Tier 2/3 cities and Limited mobility between skill and learning options.
  • LANGUAGE: Often such courses are only available in English which doesn't appeal to many SMEs.
  • PRICING: Such course demand heavy fees which makes them unaffordable to many entrepreneurs.

The Solution

  • Pocket Freindly, To the point learning solutions to grow your Business.
  • For every Business Problem, Bada Business Has a Problem Solving Course.

Meet Our Expert

Alfred Ford in Bada Business

Mr. Vishal Thakkar

Consultant & Author of Book Finance for Non Finance
Alfred Ford in Bada Business

Mr. Sanjay Kathuria

Director of Bada Business and Chief Financial Analyst
Alfred Ford in Bada Business

Prof. Piyush Nagar MD

Sixth Sense, Expert of ERP, AI and IOT

Our Courses

Let's understand the objective behind designing these courses
Finance for Non Finance By Mr. Vishal Thakkar

Finance for Non Finance

By - Mr. Vishal Thakkar

Actual Price ₹20000.00 + GST

Pre Launch Offer ₹3000.00 + GST

Working Capital By Mr. Sanjay Kathuria

Working Capital

By - Mr. Sanjay Kathuria

Actual Price ₹15275.00 + GST

Pre Launch Offer ₹2750.00 + GST

Enterprise Resource Planning By Prof. Piyush Nagar


By - Prof. Piyush Nagar MD

Actual Price ₹12500.00 + GST

Pre Launch Offer ₹2500.00 + GST