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This program is designed for
Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Looking To :
  • Develop Visionary Leadership Skills
  • Do product Innovation
  • Gain competitive Edge through Innovation Culture
  • Revenue Growth Strategies
  • High-Performance Team Building
  • Inspirational Leadership Development
  • Effective Marketing for Brand Visibility
  • Global Expansion Methodologies
  • Profit Margin Enhancement Tactics
  • Financial Acumen for Informed Decisions
  • Streamlined Operations for Productivity
You should attend, if you want
To Increase Profit Margins
To Improve Cash Flow
To Manage The Operational Cost
To Bring Business Automation
To Increase Customer Reach
To Enhance Employee Productivity And Retention

Introducing The Comprehensive Solution

Leadership Funnel Program

Your Ultimate Destination for Mastering the '8 Ps of Business'

  • Identify customer’s ‘Problem’ for premium earnings
  • Boost conversion targeting the right market ‘Prospects’
  • Invest in ‘People’
  • Develop exceptional problem-solving ‘Products’
  • Optimize sales through effective ‘Pricing & Positioning’
  • Scale business with 'Process & Performance Parameters'
  • Ensure financial stability by maximizing ‘Profit’ potential
  • Unveil the true ‘Purpose’ of your business for growth

Exclusive Access



  • Three-Day Training Sessions Conducted by Dr. Vivek Bindra
  • Event Hosted at a 4/5 Star Hotel, Inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch, & Tea
  • Engaging Sessions with Prominent Billionaire Speakers
  • Chance to ask Questions to Dr. Vivek Bindra*
  • Opportunity to ask Question to Billionaire Speakers
  • Seize the moment to take a selfie with Dr. Vivek Bindra*
  • Capture a Selfie Moment with Billionaire Speakers*
  • Access to 52 Business Frameworks for Enhancing Business Growth*
  • Personalized Guidance from a Dedicated Business Coach for a year*

*Features may vary depending on your selected program type.

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Dr. Vivek Bindra
Dr Vivek Bindra
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India’s Leading Business Coach & Startup Guru

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