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Learn Stress Free Life Tips!


  • Does your performance decreases due to stress?
  • Are you not able to manage stress in life?

Today, stress has become an inevitable part of our life. 

You have various commitments and responsibilities towards your family and work. While fulfilling these responsibilities, you might get stressed. This will directly affect your performance. 

The following are some of the stress free life tips. 

Tip #1: Event has no meaning; you give meaning to the event

It is one of the stress free life tips.

Any situation of our daily life is called an event. Examples - you incurred huge business loss or some loved one passed away in your life. 

An event is good or bad depends on how you see it. An event is meaningless in itself. You give meaning to an event and behave accordingly. 

For Example:

Your boss shouted at you publically. Is it a good event or bad?

If you give it a positive meaning, you will have positive behavior.

If you give it a negative meaning, you will have negative behavior.

This same event can make you or break you.

What is the reason of stress?

Stress is either due to people or your past experiences. Whenever you try to change the people or your past, you become stressed.

✅ To manage stress in life, you should give new or positive meaning to the event and your behavior will change automatically.

Tip #2: Things turn out best for those who have made the best out of the way, the things have turned out
Your behavior depends on your reaction to the events or things. A positive reaction will result in positive behavior and negative reaction will result in negative behavior. It is also one of the stress free life tips. 

When you change the way you look at the things, 
The things you look at will change.

✅ You cannot change the people or your past, you just need to change the way you look at them.

So, you have to change your outlook to see things to manage stress in life. 

Tip #3: You don’t behave based on what has happened to you, you behave based on what you feel has happened to you.

You don’t behave based on somebody abusing you, you behave based on what do you feel about somebody abusing you. Here, how you feel is the driving force behind your behavior. It is also one of the stress free life tips. 

According to a Shloka of Bhagavad Gita: 

Upadrastanumanta ca bharta bhokta mahesvarah
paramatmeti capy ukto dehe 'smin purusah parah

Krishna is Overseer and Permitter. He looks at an event or situation from a distance and does not get involved in it. Therefore, he is not affected by any situation or event. 

You should also become overseer and permitter like Krishna. Look at a situation or event from a distance and have a better understanding of the event before reacting.

This will help you to manage stress in life.

Do not get involved in a situation because existence and experience are different. You need to look at things from a different perspective.

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